Thorough preparation, incisive judgment, and a willingness to try tough cases

The firm’s clients come from all walks of life. For example, the firm has represented a hedge-fund manager charged with committing fraud resulting in over $35 million in losses, the wife of a medical doctor charged with tax evasion, a civilian navy contractor charged with bribery, a licensed pharmacist charged with unlawfully dispensing prescription drugs through the internet, the president of an international telecommunications company charged with criminal contempt and wire fraud, and a professional athlete charged with domestic violence. Other clients include medical doctors, lawyers, and corporate executives charged with economic offenses, as well as allegedly high ranking members of putative racketeering and narcotics-trafficking organizations.

Mr. Lemon recognizes that each of the firm’s clients are unique and that each case presents its own legal, factual, and emotional challenges. The cornerstones of the firm’s practice, however, are consistent for every client: thorough preparation, incisive judgment, and a willingness to try tough cases.

“John C Lemon is a very good lawyer. When my husband was arrested, I felt like all odds were against us. I remember the first time I talked to him I was so confused; I remember asking him if he thinks my husband could win the case, he said “nothing is impossible” and he was right. He fought the case all the way to the end he never gave up even when I felt like I couldn’t go on anymore. We fought the case for little over a year and the outcome was great. I could never thank him enough.”