The firm consistently and successfully represents clients in high-stakes criminal cases, with an emphasis on white-collar crimes (e.g., mail and wire fraud, tax fraud, bank fraud, insurance fraud, environmental offenses, campaign-finance offenses, gambling and bookmaking offenses, and insider trading), as well as racketeering (“RICO”), drug trafficking, and money laundering.

Our clients come from all walks of life. For example, the firm has represented a hedge-fund manager charged with committing fraud resulting in over $35 million in losses, a licensed pharmacist charged with unlawfully dispensing prescription drugs over the internet, and the president of an international telecommunications company charged with criminal contempt and wire fraud. Other clients include medical doctors, lawyers, and professional athletes, as well as allegedly high-ranking members of putative racketeering and narcotics-trafficking organizations.

The firm also represents grand-jury witnesses and targets, as well as persons charged with less serious offenses – including simple drug possession, DUI, domestic violence, and other misdemeanors. Regardless of the type of case – or whether it is resolved by jury trial, dismissal, plea bargain, or by avoiding charges altogether – the firm is committed to providing an aggressive, intelligent, and focused defense, the touchstones of which are thorough preparation and sound judgment.